Stylish Travel

My husband and I are going to a 40’s weekend complete with steam trains and vintage clothing.

It got me thinking of travel of bygone days when women dressed up to travel and luggage came in trunks not rucksacks and tatty suitcases.
Even Carrie in SATC fantasized about glamorous train travel – the reality was quite up to her expectations but the thought was there!

Audrey looking fabulous for travelling in Funny Face.

The ultimate in stylish travel has got to be The Orient Express – it is my dream to travel on this and rest assured it would be glamour all the way!

So how can you bring a little style into your travelling? Now I’m not talking your every day work trip but when you set out on a special trip or go on holiday why not start your trip with a bit of glamour.

  • Dress up even if it’s only a little bit – add jacket to your jeans or jazz up with a scarf round your neck and a pair huge sunnies. (even if the sun’s not shining it gives a little air of mystery!) Or go the whole way and slip on a fantastic vintage suit, a fur wrap and a great bag and strut along the platform just like Marylin in Some Like it Hot.
  • Get some fabulous luggage – it doesn’t have to be designer, there are some great value and stylish pieces on the high street. Or go for vintage, try to find a vanity case or travel case.
  • Pack your own picnic – take a mini bottle of champagne, something really yummy to eat (the buffet car’s soggy sandwiches don’t really shout stylish). Put it all in a paper sandwich bag with some ribbon on and have a real linen napkin or buy some pretty paper ones if you don’t what to have to carry the linen one around.
  • When we can my husband and I always try to upgrade to 1st class when going by train – it doesn’t have to be expensive many companies allow you to pay a supplement on the day or go on The Train Line website and book in advance (two single fares is often cheaper).

So the next time travel is on the agenda glam it up little and pay homage to times gone by.

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