Glamour update

I’m sitting here on the sofa feeling sorry for myself nursing a rotten cold, so I thought that I would find some more glamorous things to cheer myself up so here they are and I hope that you find something amongst them that you love too – leave me your comments and let me know what you think is wonderful and glamorous!

La Fumoir at Claridges – is a fashion pack favourite but I just love the sheer decadence of it. You feel as though you have stepped back in time to one of the most glamorous eras – the 30’s!

Jo Malone candles always make me feel better – I have them all over the house they smell wonderful and you don’t even have to light them. My other favourite product is her Red Roses bath oil – just to lie back with a glass of champagne is bliss.

I love this book – all those shoes, diamonds what more could a girl want?
A few movies that always manage to cheer me up and make me feel better.

This film always makes me feel better – the clothes, locations and cosmos!

Another favourite so glamorous!

Cary and Audrey in Charade – need I say more?

One of my most favourite films ever – the ultimate little black dress movie.

To Catch a Thief – everything about this movie is wonderful – the clothes, it’s stars, the scenery

These pictures by Cecil Beaton ( I was flicking through one of my numerous coffee table books and came across some of his photos) – I just love the gowns – I just need to find an event so I can wear one similar and the photo of Babe Paley (another of my most fabulous people) and her sister in the 30’s.

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