Ski Bunnies!!

I have never been skiing but I have always wanted to go and with all the snow we have had recently I needn’t have gone far!!

Skiing holidays are always deceptively glamorous – we have all seen the pictures of film stars swaggering around celebrity packed resorts. If the fantasy is being a 1960’s snow siren, like Audrey in Charade, the reality is that most mortal end up looking more like boiled beetroots stuffed into anoraks than alluring double agents in a Bond movie!!

So how do you get to be alluring on the slopes?

Always enrol in a pre-ski class – however fit you are skiing uses muscles you never new your had!!

Give yourself regular pedicures before you go or book in for treatments at a salon – ski boots are hard on your feet so take care of them.

Buy a SPF 25 sunscreen with maximum four-star UVA filter.

Invest in a combined lip and eye block.

Have your eyelashes and eyebrows dyed – it will minimise the need for mascara and your eyebrows will frame you face.

Don’t wear goggles unless it’s snowing wear sunglasses instead (it’s what the pros do).

Do use your ski block as a romantic tool – apply your lip shield alluringly.

You don’t need much make -up tinted moisturiser with SPF, clear mascara. cream blush and gloss over your lip shield.

See you on the slopes!!

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