Dressing room inspiration

I have previously talked of wanting to turn our spare room into a dressing room and it is my goal this year to get it done. It is really hard in a small terrace house to create space so I am going to have to compromise but I am determined to get a glamorous room to get swan around feeling like a movie star!!

So lets start with some fabulous ideas that I would love to be able to incorporate into my own room – I will have to talk nicely to my hubby to see if he can work his magic and watch this space on progress and updates.

Carrie Bradshaw’s wardrobe from her apartment in Sex and the City Series

Love this – a beautiful dressing table to do my hair and make-up, and vintage dresses hanging up.

Would love something like this and the dog is so cute too – but don’t know if I would trust one with vintage clothes and shoes!!

Adore this fabric – would love to have curtains made from it – Romo Fabrics -Tea at the Ritz although I daren’t ask how much it is a metre?

More ideas to come and if you have any pictures that would inspire me – send them on!!

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