Packing – vintage style

Hubby and I are off to for the first time this weekend. I am very excited but a little nervous we are camping and if you follow this blog and my antics on Facebook you will probably have realised that I am quite high maintenance and am not looking forward to spending a few nights under canvas???

So how do your pack when space is limited to what we can get in the car – along with the tent, portable stove, picnic table and other camping stuff that the pros of this camping lark tell me we need to take????

Careful planning of outfits is required, a gal needs to have a number of options as there are day and evening outfits to consider so here is my guide to packing when you have limited space…..

  • Limit your self to one or two neutral colours so you can mix and match your pieces together to create more options – eg – greys, navy, browns and camels are good ones to go for as they can be mixed with other items in accent colours.
  • Take suits that can be split up to give your more choice – you can wear the skirt with a different top or team the jacket with a separate pair of trousers.
  • When planning your outfits – lay your clothes out on the bed and see what combinations you can create, keep adding and taking away until you are happy with the pieces you have.
  • It is tempting to take lots of shoes but in reality they are bulky and nine times out of ten you don’t wear them all so choose two pairs that go with all your outfit choices.
  • Finally accessories, accessories, accessories – a great way to change up your outfits and they don’t take up too much space so pack – brooches that you can add to a dress or hat, scarves that you can tie around your hair, neck or even make into a blouse under a jacket.

I recently wrote a guest post for on how to wear one suit five ways so here are a few of those pictures showing some outfit options.

Navy suit from Lulu Vintage, hat from Gressenhall Village at War, and shoes Goldfinch’s Vintage.
Jacket and shoes as before, trousers Heyday’s, scarf Prim Vintage.
Skirt as before, jumper Ebay and shoes at a vintage fair.

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