Come the country pile – this weekend?

I have always wanted someone to say that to me!! Just like in the 30’s when friends with a stately a home invited everyone “down from London” for the weekend.

Days spent wandering around the gardens, watching the hunt or just generally lazing around drinking cocktails and listening to Jazz (the reality would probably be a drafty old pile that had a leaking roof and freezing but we are talking fantasy here!!)

Then dressing for dinner and sitting with more cocktails by an open fire – maybe one day you never know.

I am a city gal so a weekend in the country is about as much as I could bear but I love the thought of dressing up in tweeds so here is the look I would go for should I ever get invited???


And then for the evening something totally glamorous because dressing for cocktails and dinner should have a come back.

So if anyone does have a “country pile” that you would like to invite me too please feel free – I can bring glamour, style and alcohol!!!

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