Packing a stylist guide

I am very excited this weekend we are celebrating my hubby’s 50th birthday and so we are having a very special treat – we are staying here for Saturday night –

I am planning the outfits with care as I feel that I have to do the fabulous Deco interiors justice, but I being a stylist I have a practical side to my packing so it will not be a case of

So here is my guide to packing:

  • Choose outfits that will mix and match together – a suit that can be worn together for one outfit and then add a skirt in different colour to wear on another day with a blouse to match.
  • Neutral colours such as navy, camel, black and grey are easier to work with and then you can add accents in your accessories – a bright red or green scarf, add a hat in a neutral colour too then take a few brooches, or flowers to change it so you can wear it on different days.
  • When it comes to evening wear – go simple with a LBD – again you can change it with hair flowers or jewellery for your night out or wear it during the day with a jacket or cardigan.
  • Choose a couple of pairs of shoes that will work with all your outfits (they are bulky to carry and your really need your entire collection for just a weekend???)

I will of course make sure that I take lots of photos of the chosen outfits and let you see them on the blog when we get home, and hopefully I will look equally as fabulous as my surroundings!!!

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