New Year’s – personal goal and plans.

Well what a year – full of good and bad – the good I turned 50, stayed in Claridges, and The Savoy, made a dream come true and travelled on the British Pullman, had fabulous times at vintage weekends and events – the bad – major car accident that put me in hospital for 3 days, fractured 3 of my ribs and left me feeling depressed and venerable!!

But as I do at this time every year I like to look forward and plan for the coming months.

So what is in store for Fabulous Miss K in 2015 – I don’t make resolutions but rather give myself goals both personally and professionally.

Personal Goals:

Keep up with the personal training and fitness regime.

After recovering from the accident I started working with Carmen Hyde Johnson which gave my aching body a much needed boost and helped my drop a few pounds when the vintage frocks got a little snug. I also bought one of the best rowing machines for a perfect cardio workout. I want to continue to get fit, trim down to fit in my favourite dresses and have more energy.

Go back to my fashion roots.

Earlier this year I wrote about My forgotten passion – I love FASHION!!  so I am going to experiment with my look mixing vintage with a modern twist, dressing how I want playing with different styles and indulging my passion for fashion again.

Discover new places.

I go out a lot but tend to go to the same places? When my hubby and I were first together we used to go exploring at the weekends – jump in the car with a picnic and see where we ended up – stopping when something took our fancy, finding fabulous antique shops to hunt for vintage, wonderful delis full of yumminess or a country pub serving great food. So this is the plan to get out and have some more adventures and discover new places.

Get on top of time management.
I am pretty good at this but need to find time to fit everything in – with the business, social life and everything else that goes on in my busy life the days seem to go past quickly that I don’t know where the day went?! I have one big professional goal that will be announced soon that I must get on top of the time management thing – I have the diary so to get planning the days.

Pamper my self a bit more.

I love dressing up and take great care with my clothes, but tend to neglect what goes in them sometimes – me!!

So I am going to make sure that I make time to give myself a little love – updating my make up is first on the list, investing in some quality products that make me feel special, treating myself to beauty treatments and just spending me time reading books or magazines.

So there it is my personal goals for 2015 – I would love to hear what you are hoping to achieve this year?



  • Betsy Jo says:

    Cant wait to see what you bring to your fans this year, very exited xxx

    • karenjw says:

      Thank you Betsy Jo glad you like the posts. Lots of plans for the coming year – Norwich Fashion Week and one very exciting announcement!!

      Thank you for following and have a fabulous New Year.

  • Mim says:

    Those are good resolutions – I hope your ribs are fully recovered now and don’t ache too much in the cold.

    I want to complete 12 knitted items over the year (I managed only three in 2014), and to try to Make Things Better. That’s kind of non-specific as a lot of it depends on what kickstarters and charity appeals I see, but I have signed up as a contact with Arts Emergency (which supports underprivileged youngsters wanting to work in the arts), and plan to keep putting regular donations in my local foodbank, and generally being more cheerful and patient with people.

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