Modern muse – the queen – Kate Moss

With my series of style icons that love vintage I can’t believe that I haven’t written about the most stylish of the vintage ladies – Kate Moss.

Like me she started wearing vintage from an early age and when her supermodel counterparts were wearing designer pieces she was hitting the charity and vintage shops to find an individual look.

She mixes designer with vintage, adds pieces from her Top Shop collection and creates a cool style that everyone wants to emulate.

So here are some of my favourite of Kate’s outfits.


Classic - jeans and vintage fur.

Classic – jeans and vintage fur.


Vintage kimono as evening wear.

Vintage kimono as evening wear.



Such an amazing print.


Just fabulous frocks!!

Vintage Dior – to die for.


More great looks.

More great looks.




Vintage or designer – who cares it is a fabulous dress!!


I could go on and on posting pictures of her great style – love this lady for being such a vintage modern muse and all round fashionista.


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