Why don’t people get vintage??

Sienna Miller rockin leopard print.

As I have said many times on this blog I have been wearing vintage as long as I can remember – mixing old pieces with high street and designer. I love finding unusual and fabulous items from another era and finding new ways to wear them with a modern twist.

Part of my vintage life involves “full on” look of an era but my every day wardrobe is also vintage but making it wearable, and stylish.

Talking with my fellow vintage lovers and shop owners I get constantly frustrated that many people just don’t get the fact that vintage can be worn for every day and every occasion not just for “fancy dress” or themed event.

Walking round the high street shops today there is such a retro feel about the trends – 7o’s is so cool right now so what could be more fabulous than wearing something original rather than a copy.

Everyday I see people carrying dozens of Primark bags and other “cheap” high street chain bags – don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with these shops – I love a bit of high street myself but why spend £10 or £15 on something that everyone else has got in their wardrobe when you can buy a one off original that will be a one off??!!

Is it that people don’t understand that vintage is just clothes, do they think that wearing old clothes is dirty or smelly? This is simply not the case shop owners have carefully selected pieces, spent time washing, cleaning and making sure all the items are in tip top condition.

People seem to be scared of looking different so they conform to what everyone else is wearing. Lots of us admire style icons such as Kate Moss, Sarah Jessica Parker, Alex Chung and many others who all embrace vintage pieces as part of their everyday looks so why can’t people take a leaf out of their style pages and add a touch of vintage. Maybe it’s because I have been wearing it for so long, the fact that I am a stylist and can “see” how to put clothes together to create a total unique look but I just don’t understand why anyone would want to look the same as everyone else and when there are so many fabulous vintage clothes out there why stick to boring cheaply made pieces. As I have said many times before the quality of vintage clothing is so much better and for the same price or less than high street you can get amazing wools. silks, brocades, cotton and satin.

It can be something simple like a cool bag or scarf tied around your neck, but with summer on it’s way leave the generic seasonal high street outfits behind and go for VINTAGE instead.

I am on a mission to get vintage part of everyday wardrobes – VINTAGE FOR EVERYRONE!!!!


Laura Bailey and Erin O Conor in cool vintage frocks!

Laura Bailey and Erin O Connor in cool vintage dresses.



SJP and Carrie - just bought the most fabulous look a like vintage skirts to recreate these outfits.

SJP and Carrie – just bought the most fabulous look a like vintage skirts to recreate these outfits.


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Kate - enough said!!

Kate – enough said!!


Sienna Miller rockin leopard print.

Sienna Miller rockin leopard print.

I could go on and on showing pictures of stylish ladies embracing  vintage – make this summer your year to try something different, be individual – don’t follow the crowd, make a statement in VINTAGE!!




  • sharon mead says:

    well said! I just got a stunning leopard print vintage coat in Lymington on Saturday, from The Little Vintage Shop @ The Vintage & Antiques Centre. Very lightweight, short pile fake fur, lined and circa 1950’s. My motto is “if it fits, then it is meant to be”

  • Helen Snell says:

    I really think some people are scared of vintage. They see what the magazines and high street shops tell them they ‘should’ be wearing and just go with that. I’ve always worn vintage in some shape or form too, although day to day I’m usually in a pair of Freddies, but have to admit that sometimes if I’m going somewhere different and am dressing up I do get a bit apprehensive at ‘standing out’ It’s nice though when occasionally someone comes up to you and tells you they think you look cool (especially at my age!) Which has happened occasionally. Great post.

    • Helen – thank you I am glad you enjoyed the post. And yes I think you are right people are scared, I think I have been doing it for so long I am used to comments – good and bad but I must say they are usually positive comments. Keep loving the vintage x

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