Fade to Grey!!

Looking forward to mixing up the colours as all shades go with grey?

We are  coming to the end of yet another year – how is it that they go by so fast – they do say the older you get??

Talking of getting older I am now in my 50’s and although I have no problem with that it does bring up one (well many but one I have been thinking about for a while) – am I ready to go natural??  I have been dying my hair for longer than I can remember and have been every colour too – platinum blonde, black with touches of blue, pink and then for the longest time a red head!!

But due to the fact that I have been really busy with the festive season and the roots have been untouched for over 6 weeks and I started thinking – am I ready!!

Many women now are embracing  the grey and forgoing the dye – grey hair is cool now with even the younger generation such as Lady Ga Ga  and others are  turning silver!!

So after posting a status on Facebook asking should I let my hair grow out and the resounding result was YES go for it – come the New Year I will be going natural!!

It is very scary as I have no idea what it is going to look like, how it will make me feel – old?? They are many fabulous ladies as inspiration and who look stunning with their grey locks – so hopefully I will be among them!!

I am going to chat to the hairdresser to see what the best options are – do I let it grow out, but then there is the problem of what do with the roots with such a strong colour to grey is going to be tricky!! Do I go for it and have the colour stripped out?? I am quite excited and a little apprehensive at the same time but looking forward to not having the expense of dying it every 5 weeks, the option to add a few “rinse’s” to change-up my style and possibly match with my outfit!!

I will be in good company with Debbie Harry, Sarah Harris from British Vogue, Linda Rodin to name but a few are the ladies to aspire too!!

The ultra cool Debbie Harry!

The ultra cool Debbie Harry!


Rick Owens, Ready to Wear, Fall Winter, 2012, Paris

French chic – grey hair!!


Linda Rodin - the ultimate grey haired icon!

Linda Rodin – the ultimate grey haired icon!



The “silver young things”

But unlike the title of this post I have no intention to “fade into grey” I will be bold, brash and colourful?? As I write this I am looking forward more and more to a new year, a new look and the future is looking bright!!


Looking forward to mixing up the colours as all shades go with grey?

Looking forward to mixing up the colours as all shades go with grey?



Red and grey – such a classic!


What a combo!!

What a combo!!


Bold and funky!!

Bold and funky!!



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