New year – letting go of the old and starting a new chapter!!

Recent events have made me think of  where I want to be and what I want to do in the coming year! My love for vintage has never changed but the way I wear it has so I will be working towards getting my message out to everyone that vintage should be worn as part of your everyday wardrobe and not just for fancy dress or a retro event.

As I have said many times recently vintage clothes are just clothes that are better made than anything you can buy on the high street and designers take inspiration from the past so why not buy an original and make it new??

Past years have seen me take on exciting new projects, launch my own reproduction range of dresses and visit fabulous places and events.

This year will see more changes – firstly I am selling off the Fabulous Miss K collection  and not producing any further collections – when I first launched it, I thought that I would design a collection each season but although I am very proud of the dresses and glad that I did it – I would have always regretted not doing it I have come to the conclusion that it is not wear my real passion lies!! So if you want your final chance to get one of the dresses at a bargain price pop over to the shop on the site and order yours now.

What really gets me fired up is finding the most fabulous pieces of vintage clothing, creating amazing outfits for myself and my clients, mixing it up giving it a modern twist and so  this what I want to concentrate on.

With this in mind I am taking on a major task along with a very good friend and client journalist Liz Hollis  – the launch of an online vintage magazine called “The Vintage List” – which will be very different from most of the vintage magazines out there with a strong editorial flavour and with the emphasis on wearing vintage with a fashion twist.  It is something we have talked about for years and now with the technology available and many magazines choosing to publish digitally we thought we would give it a go – watch this space for launch details coming soon!!!

Just a little taste of what's in store for "The Vintage List"!!

Just a little taste of what’s in store for “The Vintage List”!!

People have always said that I should open a shop and I certainly have enough vintage to stock one but it has never really been something I have wanted to do – I don’t think I would want to be in the same place everyday.

But when I met a kindred spirit with a vintage wardrobe to rival mine last year an idea started forming in our heads on a trip to London – we would do “Pop Up Sales” 4 times a year taking inspiration from the runway but selling vintage.

Many of the pieces will be from both our extensive wardrobes with a few items sourced for the sales but everything will high end, amazing quality and fabulous. We started thinking of ways of making it a little different so think iconic pieces of fashion history – a classic gown worn by Audrey or Grace, a suit worn by  Jackie O, Bianca Jagger circa Studio 54 or even more modern – Tom Ford for Gucci anyone??!!

Coming soon The Stylist and The Collector collection – our very first pieces will be shown at The Vintage Show during Norwich Fashion Week.

Just a touch of inspiration!!

Just a touch of inspiration!!

In a way I have come full circle I started buying vintage in my teens because I wanted to re-create the outfits in the glossy pages of Vogue and now in my 50’s I have gone back to my fashion roots.

With Norwich Fashion Week just around the corner too I have lots more planned so I am looking forward to a fun packed and fabulous vintage year for 2016!!



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