“Non New Year Resolutions” for 2016

Jump for joy and enjoy life!!

I have already shared my plans for the business this year, with lots of exciting projects in the pipeline and lots of plans to put into place!!

As a rule I don’t make resolutions because it means that I don’t feel bad if after the first weeks of enthusiasm I give up so instead I give myself incentives to help me achieve the things I want to do!! So here are my “non resolutions” for the coming year!

Budget a bit more or at least keep track of where my money goes!!

I have always spent what I earn and not been much of a saver!! I don’t spend what I haven’t got, no big credit card bills but am finding as  a lot of people are money doesn’t seem to go quite so far these days!!

My problem is that I like “nice” things  – my inheritance from my parents has served us well over the last few years – we had s fabulous couple of years enjoying ourselves but now we have to tighten the belt a little! So with that in mind I bought Savvy Chic by Anna Johnson, The Art of More for Less, and I am re – reading Orchids on Your Budget by Marjorie Hills, Live Smartly on what you have (first written in 1937.

Taking notes from these two books I am going to find ways that I can have my “little luxuries” but without spending a fortune. Future posts will track my progress – finding fun things to do for free, eating out, fashion and home, along with nights out and holidays – in the words of Marjorie Hills “it takes an interesting person to have an attractive life on a shoestring and run it with gaiety and charm.”   Anna agrees – “Having to look for pleasures that cost nothing or are very very cheap has a strange way of setting you free. Free from convention. Free from competition and social pressure. Free from dreary, predictable adult ways.”


One of my guides for living well on less!!

Embracing my natural hair.

I have decided that I am letting go of the redhead – it is going to be quite a change and I am not looking forward to roots and re-growth but am going to stick with and go natural!!

And what a hairstyle this is!!

And what a hairstyle this is!!

Getting the balance back, not forgetting to take time out.

When you run a business is very easy not to switch off, you are always thinking about the next project, ideas pop into your head all of the time – the curse of being a creative soul I guess.

So when last year due to a poorly laptop I was forced to not be on the computer late into the evening I started reading books that had been sitting on the shelves unread and ignored so one thing I am determined to do is switch the laptop off at least one evening a week find a quite corner in the house and read – novels, magazines or whatever takes my fancy?

My hubby and I live such busy lives that we seem to be like ships passing in the night at the moment so it is my aim to find time to get back to having some fun, and connect back together again – so date nights, trips away and holidays are on the cards – all within the budget of course!!

Taking time out to just be!!

Taking time out to just be!!

Living my life and not giving a damn!!

My style has changed in recent months and I have gone back to my fashion roots which ruffled a few feathers and criticism from my die-hard vintage fans, some can’t seem to grasp the fact that my love for vintage spans the decades and doesn’t limit me to one era. Where once it would have upset me what others thought now I can brush it off – and wear what I want, if they don’t like it they can look the other way!!

Recent events – a possible fatal car accident makes you think what is important and what really matters! I also think it is something that comes with age and confidence and  so from now on I will live my life to the full, enjoy each day and not give a damn about what others may think!!

Jump for joy and enjoy life!!

Jump for joy and enjoy life!!




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