Reaching for the heights!!

I am a girl who loves her shoes!! Many pairs sit in my dressing room from flats to heels, designer to vintage but alas many of them are unworn – I do have a lot so it is hard to wear all of them regularly but there is another reason why some of them suffering from neglect – now comes something that I find really hard to admit – I am finding it increasingly hard to wear heels all day!! Now I’ve said it – hangs head in shame!! This coming from a girl who like Carrie and SJP lived, worked and ran all over London in four inches without batting an eyelid or carrying a pair of flats in her bag just in case it got too much!!

A few years on and quite a few years older I find that recently I have been reaching for the flats rather than my stilettos – flats can look really chic – think Audrey in her ballet pumps and Catherine Deneuve in Roger Vivier  but I am yearning for that something that only a heel can do!!

In my defence it has been a difficult 2 years what with cracked ribs, the menopause and gallstones but that is all behind me now so it is time to get back in the stiletto as it were!!


That statement is very true – heels make you think differently, give you an attitude and a confidence that doesn’t happen in a flat.

Shoes can make an outfit and there are outfits that just need the lift of a heel! And now that all the new seasons’ collections are featured in the magazines I want to wear heels again!! I have been loving the socks/thick tights look for sometime and it was all over the runways and it’s giving me the drive to ditch the flats?

PicMonkey Collage

And then there are all the other fabulous shoes that I already own and those that are waiting to be bought and loved such as the shoe collection from the high heel queen herself


So I am setting myself a challenge for the month of September – the aim is to wear heels at least once a week for the whole day not just for an evening out but running around town for meetings, and general everyday stuff – I may need cushioned in-soles to begin with to ease the burn!!

You can follow my challenge  on Instagram and if you care to join me in challenge to get glam in heels again use the #septembershoes.



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