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For months I have bee harping on about wearing vintage as part of your every day wardrobe and not some thing that should be worn for fancy dress or a vintage event – I have done the wearing 1940’s clothes everyday with full on victory rolls and I have many friends who choose to do that and that is perfectly fine and a fabulous way to wear vintage but as I blogged about a while ago I love clothes and fashion too much to restrict myself to one style or era! In case you missed it you can read it here.

So I am on a mission to create a campaign about making vintage part of your everyday wardrobe even if you think that vintage isn’t for you there are ways that you can wear it – instead of buying the latest “it bag” why not find a vintage one that is a one-off or what about a piece of vintage jewellery that no one else will have?

The main reason I started to wear vintage was to get the looks from the pages of Vogue that I have had a subscription to since I was about 14!!  Working in the fashion industry in the late 80’s and desperately wanting to keep up with the staffers with daddies trust fund  that worked on the magazines and had the budget to buy the designer looks. But also because I didn’t want to look the same as everyone else, I have always had a desire to stand out and be different.

This is so true – being able to walk into any store and buy anything you want dulls your creativity – poor means having to work a little harder to look stylish!!


Wearing vintage can be a bit of a challenge and some people can’t and never will get to grips with it – they will always see dirty clothes and why would you want to wear dead people’s clothes but there are many out there that would like to try but don’t really know where to start – they are the ones I want to encourage to wear vintage – if not every day but at least incorporate it into their wardrobe and wear it on a regular basis as part of they everyday style??!!

A very strong case to wear vintage is of course the fact that it is saving the planet as it is the ultimate in re-cycling and sustainable fashion. So instead of buying new, adding to the tonnes of clothes that end up in land fill – vintage is the new black!!


One of my plans for the Autumn is a series of workshops showing how to make vintage as part of your everyday wardrobe so make sure you check out the Facebook page for updates and news of when they are happening. In the meantime I thought I would share with you my top tips on how to get a touch of vintage in your wardrobe.

  • A great vintage bag or scarf is a great way to start – instead of buying into the new “it bag” take a look around the vintage or charity shops for something a little different and one of a kind.
  • Nothing is ever new in fashion so instead buying a new version of a trend – hunt out a vintage version – pleated skirts are all the range and you can find fabulous 70’s and 80’s ones that are unique and often cheaper than high street copies.
  • A Chanel style tweed jacket over your jeans – the designer look without the price tag.
  • Wedding guest – don’t go for the standard high street – hunt a cute 60’s suit or 50’s summer dress to guarantee you won’t be in the same outfit as anyone else.
  • Summer sees lots of maxi dresses hit the shops – don’t dress like all the rest a 70’s vintage original will make a statement and stand out from the rest.
  • For a touch of glam for an evening out look for a cool 80’s sequined jacket or top to wear over your jeans or go for the whole hog and source a full on 80’s cocktail dress – the hot season for Autumn!!

As I write this I have just heard that along with a friend and journalist we have just landed a series in our local paper on how to make vintage work everyday for every occasion – I am excited to get the message out there – first local and then you never know where it can lead?? My aim is to write a “style guide” – a glossy picture based fabulous book – so if anyone knows a publisher or two – hit me up!!

If you would like to be part of the campaign either modelling or working on a shoot, if you have a vintage company that you would like to feature as part of a shoot, then ping me a message. Or just let me know what you would like me too write about in the newspaper or on the blog.

The latest shoot featuring clothes from The Stylist and The Collector and some of my vintage loving friends.
Photos: Denise Brady Photography.




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