A new start with a two year plan

As I do every year at this time I start to plan the coming months and so as the first few days of the New Year kick in and the festivities die down with decorations packed away for another 12 months I am about to embark on a new chapter of my life.

The last couple of years have been a struggle with health and motivation but I am determined to grab life by the horns this year and the one following with my two-year plan. I am taking stock of what has been before, letting go of things that no longer work for me and moving into a new phase of positive thoughts and doing what I want without worrying what others think.

So here goes with my two-year plan for both my business and personal goals – if I put it down on here hopefully I will be accountable and give me the motivation to MAKE IT HAPPEN!


I have been on a mission to make vintage part of people’s everyday wardrobes for the last few years and so with that in mind I am going to be working on projects to get this message out there by connecting and collaborating with other like-minded fashionistas, magazines and companies. Ideas in the pipeline include a “vintage everyday” on-line magazine – title and content is work in progress and the final goal is to publish a guide-book on how to wear vintage everyday, workshops and how to guides, new services, photo shoots and collaborations.

Photo: Luminoso Studios. Clothes Retreat Vintage.

I have had great fun finding fabulous runway inspired pieces for The Stylist and The Collector and loved popping up with rails of great vintage so expect more Pop Up Vintage Boutiques, more shoots, new ways to shop the collection and more vintage done modern.

After reading some inspiring stories and books over the break I am working on new branding ideas and ways to bring you  more ways to get a touch of vintage in your life.

Weddings – having wished I had worn an original dress for my own wedding and hearing so many brides to be saying that they would have loved to have done the same I am launching a brand new Vintage Wedding dress Sourcing Service with a stand at Most Curious Wedding fair, a profile and features at Norfolk Brides.


Growing older and bolder is my new mantra – forget blending in and worrying about what others think, I have spent too long trying to please others, do what I think I should do rather than what I WANT  to do – well no more this is the year for pleasing myself and doing exactly what makes me happy!

Life is much to short not to do the things you really want to do or spend time with people who don’t really matter so more time this year will be spent with my lovely hubby doing things for us and less for other people, making choices that make us happy, going on holiday, taking time out to just do nothing together.

I love our house it has been a sanctuary for 20+ years and now it needs a little love, and TLC. As we have been so busy out and about doing stuff for others we have let the house slide somewhat and so we are about to embark on a total re-vamp of the interior and exterior of our two up two down home!!

Taking breaks away and spending time away from out home time is a priority for the coming months – we haven’t had a proper holiday for years just a few days away or weekenders when all though tremendous fun not actual time together. They are so many places I want to visit, exhibitions I have missed or just things I want to do so many adventures are to be planned – looking forward to discovering new places, eating delicious food, meeting new people and generally living life to the full.

So here’s to a fabulous fun-filled year full of positive thoughts and exciting adventures!!







  • April Leigh says:

    You are simply the most inspiring and fantastic woman I have yet to discover in my lifetime. I am beyond thrilled to have “found” you. I totally agree on your is too short bit. It actually brought tears to my eyes because it rang so true with me. I too feel it is Hugh time to put myself and my desires and goals first. As to your health issues you WILL rise above. Your passion and drive and spirit shine clear and thst will take you far. Thank you so much. Your vintage passionate friend ~April Leigh

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