Old is the New Black!!

They was once a time when style and fashion was just for the young but now that has all changed!

It started with Advanced Style and has grown into a bit of a “thing” 50 plus models and influencers are taking over Instagram.

Brands, designers and magazines are putting older models on the front cover, featuring them in their campaigns and putting them on the runway.

Vogue Italia had the most amazing Age Issue out a couple of months ago with Lauren Hutton featured on the front cover and a rather raunchy fashion editorial along with some very sassy older ladies featured through out the magazine.

These ladies still look SO FABULOUS, stylish and have a F**K you attitude something that I am totally starting to embrace as I get older.

So why are these ladies suddenly the “hot” ticket? One reason as we are all living longer the older generations are not the frail geriatric old ladies they once were and with grown up children and better healthcare they are ready to take on the world and live life to the full.

Brands and designers are realising that these women have disposable incomes and are wanting to spend it on looking good and dressing up!! With this in mind you are seeing older models featuring in adverts and on billboards.



And I am thrilled to see one of my favourite brands Gucci following the trend!



The most joyful point too is that these women (and men) are showing us that you can embrace life and style whatever your age – wrinkles and all – yes some of the models have had some work but in the most case their faces show the age they are not full of plastic and fillers!!

It is so encouraging that as I get older I have some very chic, stylish and sassy ladies to aspire to and refreshing to see clothes on women that I can relate to rather than bright young things that have little relevance to me.

And maybe just maybe I might be able to (not on the same scale as these fabulous ladies) give some encouragement to other ladies of a certain age as I am very excited to announce that I am now represented by Crumb Agency who are all about “real” humans as they put it – so what was the old quote from Linda Evangelista – “I don’t get out of bed for less than $10,000” not really but I have so flattered to be asked to be part of a cool forward thinking agency – not bad for a 53 year old with a bit of middle age spread and grey hair!!


From my “Vintage Fashionista” shoot Kerry Curl.


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