And so to bed!

You know how it is it gets to that time of night and you start drifting on the sofa and you know its time to head to bed. There is nothing nicer that slipping between my 200 thread count sheets from my favourite linen company The White Company, resting my head on the pillow waiting to drift off to sleep – then BANG  my brain switches back on, my mind starts racing with ideas – sleep goes out the window!!

I have suffered from insomnia on a pretty regular basis all my life – the downside of a creative mind I guess!! My husband says he wished I had a on – off switch to stop me brain from running in overtime!

So when Vanessa Munnings PRoffered to send me some Feather and Down Deep Pillow spray which is referred as “£7 sleep in a bottle” which aims to reduce an anxious mind and encourage a restful sleep along with some other products from English company Feather and Down  you can imagine I said a very LOUD YES PLEASE –  dreamt of and Made in England includes bath, body and home fragrances products to help aid a restful sleep.  With their specially blended sleep fragrance of chamomile and lavender essential oils which are known to promote restful sleep.

The official blurb from Vanessa Munnings PR

“Feather and Down has proven to help people have a more restful night’s sleep – according to 84% of those tested in a four-week independent study– at just a fraction of the price of similar products on the market.

With 1 in 5 people admitting that it takes them more than an hour to drift of to sleep and another 90% saying they still feel tired when they wake*, achieving a satisfying slumber each and every night can feel like a near impossible task.

Thankfully, with Feather & Down’s Pillow Spray, savvy insomniacs can now enjoy a blissful snooze, for way less. At less than half the cost, the product is comparable to the This Works Deep Pillow Spray (£18), but provides a significant saving of 61%.

Combining a relaxing infusion of lavender and chamomile essential oils, the Feather & Down ‘sweet dreams’ Pillow Spray helps to reduce an anxious mind and encourage calm to aid a restful night’s sleep.

But don’t just take our word for it, a massive 83% of those trialing the product said they fell asleep quicker after using the product, with one claiming it “works wonders” and another saying they “literally can’t live/sleep without it”**”

My parcel contained Pillow Spray, All purpose Sleep Balm that you put on your pulse points to ease your mind and melting shower cream to cleanse your mind and wash away the stresses of the day.

In honour of March being National Sleep month here is my review of the products I tried. Firstly being more of a bath girl I added a bit of the Melting Shower Cream to the bath as well and using it as a body wash – it was very soft on skin and didn’t feel drying at all – and such a lovely smell, after drying off I did feel a lot more chilled and even drifted of while sitting on the sofa.  When it was time to hit the sack I spayed the pillow spray over my pillow and duvet and settled into bed.

I did feel much more relaxed in bed and my mind wasn’t racing quite as much as it usually does when I try to fall asleep and I did drift off to sleep easier than I normally do. Being such a light sleeper I hear every noise and due to the menopause and night sweats tend to wake up in the night on a regular basis so having a non interrupted sleep is something I dream off but I definitely love the products and will definitely keep buying the Pillow Spray as it works just as well a more expensive ones I have tried.

The All Purpose Sleep Balm I have popped in my bag and use it to relax me when I have a busy or stressful day just massaging it into pressure points helps to fight the stress of my crazy busy schedule.

The smell of  the products is wonderful but not overpowering I would definitely buy them again – anything that helps me get at least a few hours sleep is all good one my account.


Products gifted by Feather and Down via Vanessa Munnings PR but views are my own.




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