Fashion Theatre – the runway explanined!!

Twice a year designers send models down the runway in their latest vision for the coming season and now with the onset of social media and live streaming we can see it almost instantaneously on constant Instagram and live Facebook feeds with comments popping up on what people think of the creations – both good and bad!!

What many people don’t realise is that most of the clothes on the runway never actually hit the shops – designers create a collection for the theatre of the show and one for the buyers to come and view and select the pieces that will available to buy in the shops for the following season.

There are so many shows during the various fashion weeks, not forgetting the showcases that are now starting to pop up as part of the “fashion season” they have to come up with a spectacle to stand out hence the OTT styling and theatrics.

So what does this mean for us – once it filters down to high street level it will be much more wearable so how can you read the key trends and styles that will be finding their way into the shops for the coming season.

First and foremost look at the colours that seem to be running through the collections – are they bright and bold or is one shade jumping out, are they more pastel and muted, or is the classic monochrome a feature?


Next take a look at the print – is it florals – are they small or large? Stripes – wide apart or narrow? Abstract shapes?

Focus on the cut – what is the key skirt length, is a straight or asymmetric. Trousers – cropped, or ankle length – wide leg or skinny? What are they being worn with – jackets or a shirt – is it tucked in or out?


As you know I have a passion for vintage so is there an influence from another era – the bias cut of the 1930’s or the power suit from the 1980’s or is the 70’s vibe running through the collection?

When you start looking at the individual items it becomes easier to see past the craziness of the runway looks and you can see what the key colours, patterns and styles that will be hitting the shops.

Accessories pay a major part in creating the look and for the runway Designers will add all sorts of mad pieces to create theatrics and drams so again you need to look at the basics.

Look at the shoes – what is the heel height – high, flat or kitten? What is the toe shape – rounded or pointed. Plain or decorative? What are they worn with – tights or the trend of the moment – socks?

Move onto bags are they large or small – worn on the shoulder or hand held, look at the colours and prints on these too – this could be an easy way to switch your look up for the season with out spending a fortune – and why not find a vintage version to give you an even more individual take on the new trend.

Most of all have fun with your fashion and be creative – if you want to wear all the theatrics from the runway who says you can’t!!


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