Falling out of love with blogging

Like many other bloggers who have recently been posting on social media I am finding myself falling out of love with writing my blog – finding it hard to find the time and the inspiration to add to it on a regular basis.

As with many people I find I am concentrating on what to add to my Instagram feed – filling those little squares on the grid can be extremely time consuming.

My blog was and still is a way to express my love for all thing vintage and getting out the message that vintage and pre- loved clothing should be worn as part of your everyday wardrobe and an fabulous way to create an individual look that no one else will have.

With this in mind I am going to get back to the reason I started in the first place to advocate the wearing of vintage clothing, share my styling tips and how to get fashion trends with vintage piece rather than throw away high-street versions that everyone else will have.

There is much more you can say on a blog, you can go into more detail and even get more personal as those little squares in my mind are for posting little snippets and glimpses of a creating lifestyle that we want everyone to see and I don’t want to share too much just enough to hopefully engage my followers.

So I am going to make an effort to get my enthusiasm back for blogging and share my views, tips and a more detailed look into the life of a vintage fashion stylist.

I invite you to pop in from time to time and take a little read of my musings and hope you enjoy them


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