Sustainability is for life not just for now!!

Shopping sustainably is very trendy at the moment with companies launching ethical ranges but really it is just green washing and influencers jumping on the bandwagon claiming they are all about avoiding fast fashion, shopping second hand but how long will it last with them – until the next big trend comes out – they post on their grid about how bad fast fashion is and the following day sharing their latest purchase from Zara or what they have been gifted from another fast fashion brand and it REALLY gets me angry!!! Do you truly care about shopping sustainably it is a lifestyle choice not just because it is the “fashionable” thing to do. It really bugs me that so many people can be so shallow as to jump onto a trend that is so important that it shouldn’t be just for short space of time while it looks good in your social media feed – it is so important to hold the fast fashion industry accountable for the destruction of our planet and not paying a fair wage to their employees so don’t play lip service to sustainability – do your research and use your influence for good – if you refused to accept “gifts” from these companies until they #payup or become more transparent in their practises and not just accept whatever they give you because it is free or you are getting paid – yes I know for some of you it is your income but please don’t harp on about how sustainable you are and then plug unethical brands.

I have not bought anything new for decades – when I first started shopping second hand it was frowned upon, I was bullied at school for wearing “dead peoples clothes” and the comments were always – “can’t your parents afford to buy you new things?” – the truth is that I didn’t want what everyone else had I much preferred hunting for and wearing one off vintage pieces. Sustainability wasn’t a buzz word back then and I didn’t shop second-hand to save the planet I just did it because I wanted to be different and it was a much more fun way to shop but now I feel so passionate about the fast fashion industry I don’t think I could ever shop on the high street again. I have so many clothes in my wardrobe already – enough to last me the rest of my life without buying a single new item but fashion brands and the media tell us that we always need something new.

Twice a year the fashion industry encourages us to get rid of our clothes in favour of the “new trend” designers showcase what we should be wearing for the coming season, fuelling our constant need for new clothing when we have a wardrobe full of unworn items already. With trends moving so fast we are always looking for the new thing to wear. But there is nothing new in fashion – there only so many ways you can re-invent a frock!!

Designers take inspiration from the past everyday for their “new collection” with a few minor changes it is roughly a 15 year cycle for trends to resurface so with a little clever styling you can re-work what you already own!!

Fast fashion is killing our planet our ever consuming fashion fix means more and more clothing ends up in landfill.

The constant desire for cheap clothing is causing mass destruction of our planet – lakes and rivers are drying up due to over consumption of water to produce one cotton t-shirt, rivers are running blue with die from the manufacturing of jeans and the air is polluted with toxic fumes of cheaply produced polyester.

Figures from How to Break Up with Fast Fashion by Lauren Bravo says “Every year in the UK, an estimated 300,000 tonnes of used clothes now ends up in landfill – although the word “used” is disputable seeing as garments are reportedly worn on average just seven times before there are more than often thrown in the bin. In 2019, Brits spent and estimated£2.7 billion on clothes worn only once – including £700 million on 11 million summer clothes that didn’t make it beyond the duration of a single holiday.” She goes on to say that we should think a little more, buy a little less and we can acknowledge the part we play in feeding the fast fashion monster.

So I urge you to think before you share your next sustainable post on your feed – is this what you are really passionate about or are you just doing it to jump on the bandwagon, get more followers or to make yourself feel better.

The destruction of our planet and the corruption of the fast fashion industry is not going to go away and needs people to get behind the campaigns make a real difference and not just pay lip service something that they think will make them look good so please use your influence to make a difference and say NO TO FAST FASHION.

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