I don’t want to be Greige!!

I am constantly frustrated at why fashion doesn’t represent me? And I am not alone in my thinking there are many women out there who love clothes and fashion but don’t want to wear the styles that fashion houses and brands promote. Safe styles in neutral colours of grey, khaki, navy and cream – I don’t want to be GREIGE!!

There are approximately 20 million over-55s in the UK, making up one-third of the population and accounting for roughly 47 per cent of all UK consumer spending.

The over-65s spend £6.7bn a year on clothes in Britain, yet it is only recently that this age group has appeared in fashion campaigns, and even then there is an element of (unrealistic) aspiration; even older models must be exceptional looking, tall, fit and, well, perfect.

It may be ok to have grey hair and wrinkles as long as you are over 5’8” and thin.

We are not all twee old ladies once we hit 50 even the recent Vogue cover featuring the very fabulous Judi Dench was very safe – I would have liked to have seen her in something fun, funky and a little bit edgy.

There are so many fabulous ladies on Instagram over the age of 50 that have great style and don’t look at all safe but why is it when you google 50 plus style you get a sea of boring greige outfits in safe co-ordinating classics??!!

I for one don’t want to fade into the background and look safe – I love colour and the latest trends just because I am in my 50s it doesn’t mean I want to be fashionable but I see very little of this in mainstream media. It is getting better with more older women on the runway and in magazines but it is still few and far between – where are the grey haired ladies that are thinking out of the box and mixing it up.

One shining light is of course Advanced Style guru Seth Cohen who with his books he has high-lighted the most amazing colourful and stylish men and women on every age.

If you are on Instagram I suggest that you give the following ladies a follow as they an inspiration – over 50 fabulous and definitely not greige.

Positively Glossy – fashion editor, sustainable fashionista and all round wonderful human Rebecca and I met an bonded over the grid during lockdown and have discover that we are not only the same age with birthdays just weeks apart but we have exactly with think the same way in.so many ways and share a passion for second hand fashion and how older women are forgotten in fashion!!

Bag and a Beret – Mel Kobayashi a Vancouver based artist, style motivator and public speaker has the most incredible style and is so creative with the videos on her feed she is a must follow for her fabulous vintage outfits.

Astridiwantyouinmylife is a body positive sustainable fashion advocate who I again met on Instagram and I love her honesty and joie de vivre.

They is no reason to be boring with your style over 50 – so banish the beige embrace colour and be bold in your choices after all “Life is to Short to wear boring clothes” a fabulous quote by a true style icon Iris Apfel.

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