Work Smart

I was thinking of getting an office space in town to get me motivated but looking at the cost of this at the moment it just isn’t practical or financially viable for me to do.

So I need to create a fabulous area at home to work from – the problem that is always raising it’s ugly head in our house is space!!!  A two up two down terrace is lovely but as any of you who live in one will know it is soooo hard trying to cram everything you want into a small area.

I really want to turn our spare room into dressing room but I also need to fit in an office somewhere too – such a dilemma?

So here are some ideas that I love and although don’t think that they the solution for my space, I will take some of the options as inspiration.

This room is going to be one of my major focus for the New Year, along with one other room that I will talk about later??

This is a fabulous space from B Jones Style, a fashion blogger I love, she has based in the States, she has a totally different style from me but I love the way she has put her workspace together.

Both of these are also from B Jones Style.
Loving this chair covered in the vintage style fabric.
So organised and sleek, I love the dark wood and the whole style.

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