After the storm

It’s been a couple of weeks since  the madness of Norwich Fashion Week and the Vintage show with the launch of the collection.

After taking a few days off from total exhaustion and then off for a weekend of fun at Hepcats (sorry no outfit pictures as I bought a new camera to use and forgot to get the memory card so I couldn’t take any photos!!!), it was a fantastic weekend with great bands and lovely to meet up with friends and make some new ones too.

Now it is back to the reality of working and trying to get the collection under way – I was totally overwhelmed by the reaction of the launch and the demand has been so great that I need to have them manufactured to fulfil the demand.

I really didn’t imagine that so many people would want my little dresses – maybe one or two friends would order one so it will take a while to get things sorted and get the production right.  So over the next couple of weeks I will be visiting factories and fabric shops, talking patterns and finishings – all a little scary but very exciting.

One of the dresses did have a little outing at Hepcats ………..

Photo Stephen Plumb

I am also working on changing the logos and stationery for the Fabulous Miss K brand so here  is the new logo……..

By Simon Pritchard.
There are very exciting time ahead but rather daunting too but nothing ventured nothing gained and with my mother’s strength and inspiration behind me I can’t fail!!!


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