My forgotten passion – I love FASHION!!

I have been wearing vintage since I was around 14 I used to jump at the chance to help my mum out at jumble sales so I could have first dibs – my main aim was re-create the styles of the movie stars I loved and not look the same as anyone else.

Around about 18 I took out a subscription to Vogue – earning my own money meant that I could; previous to this I would spend my pocket money – running to the newsagents every month to get my copy and then rush home to devour it’s glossy pages – I adored everything from the designer adverts to fashion spreads created by the interpreters of style. Still wearing vintage I took inspiration from its pages for my own wardrobe.

Working in the industry was all I wanted to do and I am lucky that I have had the opportunity to follow my dream.

Over the years the “vintage scene” has taken over – don’t get me wrong I love the events, my 40’s style and my love for Old Hollywood movies will never die but I have recently been thinking that I miss fashion. I have never been or will never be a slave to the trends but the buzz I used to get when the new season looks appeared in the pages of the magazines I used drool over, analysing ways the outfits were put together and how I would adapt it to my style.

My personal style has developed over time – I found what suits me and how clothes whether it be high street, vintage or designer can allow me to be whoever  I want  everyday – I may want to channel classic Audrey in a LBD for a cocktail party, masculine Kate Hepburn for a meeting or Carrie for lunch with the girls.

A guest post that I wrote for Missy Vintage  sums up my way of thinking and although I know that many vintage peeps didn’t like This Old Thing – I like the fact that “non vintage” wearers were encouraged to step out of their comfort zone of the high street was a great idea and getting people to love vintage can’t be bad in my book.

Working with my personal shopping clients I have always mixed vintage with high street and designer – vintage in my mind is for EVERYONE and should be worn EVERYDAY not just as part of a “retro” lifestyle.

With that in mind I will be posting regular features on how to add a touch of vintage to your everyday wardrobe, sharing my tips and hints on styling a modern or runway look without the price tag – nothing is new in fashion, designers constantly steal from the past so what better way to shop the seasons with the original inspiration.

Spring/Summer trends
Straight out of the 70’s from Gucci
My next workshop with Retreat Vintage is all about shopping the trends – Fashion Forward – Vintage Workshop and you can book on line here.
There you go my name is Fabulous Miss K and I am a fashion addict!!?? I get excited again when the “fashion” issue of Vogue comes out in September with the new seasons adverts and trends I am once again pouring of the glossy pages and thinking how I can take the elements I love to create a unique look.
Would love to hear what you think – can I do both???

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