Vintage misconceptions – too old for vintage?

Many older women may feel that vintage is for the young students and bright young things but I beg to differ. As a 50 year old that wears vintage everyday think that more women of a certain age should embrace vintage. At the end of the day vintage is just a trendy word for old clothes and many of the pieces are classic items that the designers and high street copy. So think again when you go shopping for a new outfit – instead of going for the same old high street store take a look of the fabulous classic piece that you could buy vintage. Brands such as Hobbs, Boden and many others that are the go to style for mature women take their inspiration from the past so instead of buying a “new classic buy an old one” ? There are many older ladies that are now style icons and a recent shoot for my “Vintage for Everyone” project with a fabulous lady who loves vintage at the grand age of 64 goes to show – anyone can wear vintage look amazing at any age. All clothes are from one of my favourite vintage shop Retreat Vintage and the talented photographer from Luminosio Studios

Karen and Joline V for E-67   Karen and Joline V for E-15 Karen and Joline V for E-31 Karen and Joline V for E-79

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