Designer vintage, cocktails and SJP style outfits!!

My interpretation?

Ever since I saw the TV programme about the new designer vintage department in Liberty I wanted to go and drool over fabulous vintage pieces.

So on a fairly sunny day the lovely Joline from Retreat Vintage and I headed for the capital for a day of shopping and vintage fun.

A quick selfie on the train!!

A quick selfie on the train!!


Our first stop was Liberty and after lunch we spent quite a while taking in the fabulous vintage pieces – from the wonderful boucle of Chanel jackets, a iconic¬†Ossie Clarke dress, cute 50’s dresses, more recent pieces but equally divine from past designer collections and one item that I wish was not out of my price range a butter soft leather skirt from Chanel – maybe if I ever win the lottery.


Vintage to die for!!


My outfit for the day was taken from a little SJP outfit, that I loved and worked with my most recent and current favourite vintage skirt.

How do you think I pulled it off??


The inspiration


My interpretation? Vintage Goray 1970's skirt - Retreat Vintage, t-shirt Joseph, Tux Jacket H&M, shoes Jimmy Choo and bag Louis Vuitton.

My interpretation? 1970’s original Goray skirt- Retreat Vintage, T-shirt Joseph, Tux jacket H&M, shoes Jimmy Choo and bag Louis Vuitton.



We couldn’t not go to London and have a cocktail in one of my favourite places so we left the joys of Liberty for the deco glamour of Claridges for a little pick me up before more shopping.


The Flapper

The Flapper


Moving from one extreme to another but no less fabulous we headed to Brick Lane for more vintage shopping we didn’t have as much time to explore as we wanted to as we spent a bit more time drooling in Liberty and drinking cocktails but we are planning a return visit soon and will check out more of the area this time. But we did manage to find out way into Beyond Retro – we did a mad dash around the store picking up some great very reasonable priced vintage and I picked up a bargain dress which I wore to a lunch meeting the following day.


Not the best photo but as sure it will feature in my wardrobe quite a bit this summer.

Not the best photo but as sure it will feature in my wardrobe quite a bit this summer.


Finally shopped out we caught our train home but in true SATC style we had a little cocktail to help us along the way.


Can’t wait to do it again soon so visit no 2 is in the planning – REALLY¬† want to get back to Brick Lane and explore some more – it kind of reminds me of my walk into the city centre – along the “vintage strip” as my lovely friend Missy Vintage calls it.





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