Rainy day decorating plans

After a long few weeks working my lovely hubby and I were looking forward to a day out but typically the good old British weather had other plans so instead we started put some ideas together to revamp the house. We have lived on our house for quite a few years now and it is starting to look a little tired and to be honest  we are  bored with it!! We love the house but feel it is a little jaded and in need of a bit of a TLC.

Living in a two up two down terrace  very near to the city centre is fabulous but we have the age old problem not enough storage or maybe we just have too many things?? Whatever the reason seem to have every surface covered in something so the downsizing begins with now!!

Don’t get me wrong we both could never do minimal but we want to be able to showcase our vintage pieces to make them look their best. As with my wardrobe my interiors look is moving away from full on vintage but mixing eras, adding new and designer for a want of a better word “eclectic” style.

My new inspiration is a relaxed elegance drawn from Deco, Paris left bank, Park Avenue and vintage fashionista!!?? We am thinking of bringing more colour – painting our hallway a bright blue is one of the ideas, mixing neutrals of cream and grey with blues, greens, a pop of Schiparelli pink and classic black.

Firstly we moved a few pieces of furniture around creating some more space and changed the use of a couple of pieces – our TV is now sitting on the Deco cabinet that once stood in the office, our dark wood audio unit is our coffee table with many books on its shelves, candles and a perfect place for tea cups or cocktail glass to sit

We are still work in progress but feeling rather excited to be falling back in love with our house again after feeling fed up and wanting to move – it just goes to show that simply by moving some furniture around and adding some colour will make a difference. So here are just a few of the ideas that we love

Love this simple 30's style.

Love this simple 30’s style.

bf34bf4b56e8c83ce8e59330ddec4491 Peggy_bunny_LP_jpg_pagespeed_ce_NWLSM8uMFp 10265358_679833935407116_6740547244544341449_o 2d4b93bafd86e36960f7fa71d2373e66 Loving these elegant lines, colours and quirky touches – will try to incorporate a few in my new look.


And as we want to do more entertaining at home we seriously need to re work the kitchen!!


Cocktail anyone!!


More bars ideas!!

I have got my dressing room now but it need to be tweaked a bit – I want to add a few fashionista touches … Pandora_Sykes-12-376x645 Haya_Maraka-10-376x290 O_Mag_SJP_Gayle-8   17b211ac08f0edeab4531536b28ebfe9 Finally the bathroom – have started to work in the White Company a few days a week and am loving the fluffy towels, and clean fresh hotel style décor. 39c99ed0899cdf4fbdf338a220511607   3cda7e06005b14854243c7d712b704a7


We are working through the house, cleaning and de-cluttering so watch out for some pieces for sale as we filter out the things that no longer work for us – in the words of Rennie Mackintosh “don’t have anything that is not useful or beautiful”. Future pictures will feature as we progress with the changes and updates.

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