But I can’t wear vintage in my job – Rubbish!!

Cheryl Tiegs and Lauren Hutton during Halston's After-Theatre Benefit Performance of "Private Lives" - May 5, 1983 at Olympic Towers in New York City, New York, United States. (Photo by Ron Galella/WireImage)

Having a conversation at the weekend about wearing vintage everyday someone said that is was ok for me I could “get away” with dressing in vintage everyday because I work for myself and in a “creative” industry they loved vintage but had a normal job – my answer – RUBBISH – vintage clothes are just clothes and can work whatever you do or where ever you work!!! Yes I know there are some areas that you may not be able to choose what you wear but most environments where you can decide what you put on each morning vintage is possible.

I now work a couple of days a week in The White Company and we have to wear black – my outfit totally vintage but who would know unless I told them, I am dressed the same as everyone else and don’t “look as though I am wearing vintage” – my uniform is an 80’s stretch jersey dress and vintage tux jacket.

Vintage is very much like a runway show once you take away all the theatre and over the top styling it is just classic pieces that work for any occasion.

An LBD is a just a dress whether it is vintage, designer or high street, ladies think nothing of buying a suit or simple shift dress from the high street to wear to work but think that vintage in not appropriate to wear to the work place.

What you need to do is forget the “styling” and the “look of the era” with the hair and make-up and just think of the style and shape – a 60’s shift would be perfect for the office with a pair of courts or pumps, a 70’s A line skirt with a sweater or blouse is also a great work wear outfit.



A classic 50’s suit is perfect for the office – loose the prim styling and just look at the cut – add a pair of modern heel or pumps.



With the 70’s trend all over the high street – choose a shirt dress or A line skirt that you can wear everyday.


Lauren hutton jpg

A classic vintage blazer over a pair of trousers, smart enough for the office and so chic.



Vintage skirts are just skirts regardless of when they were made – style them with a simple shirt or sweater,

So the next time you think you can’t where vintage for your “normal” job and lifestyle┬áremember that vintage CAN be worn as part of you everyday wardrobe and that they are just clothes that will give you a fabulous individual look that no one else will have and get you noticed for all the right reasons.


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