Who do I want to be today??

My personal style has evolved over the years – I have gone through many changes – from Punk and Rockabilly in my college days to power dressing image consultant for a brief time!!  Vintage has always been featured – sometimes full on era dressing  to more recently re-discovering my passion for fashion and mixing it up.

Vintage to me is taking original pieces and creating a new one of a kind style with no rules. It means looking at what designers and style influencers are putting on the runway or wearing on the street and finding the real thing that influenced the look.

What I also do is take inspiration from style icons – past and present when deciding what to wear each day – channeling stylish women that created iconic looks, then match the outfit to the occasion!

These women inspire my looks but I couldn’t be limited to a single one and although I take elements from their style my look is always my own adding a twist that reflects my personality.   There is not one icon  that I would choose above others but dress to suit my mood when I get up in the morning, what I am doing that day, of the weather is a factor in this country so each morning I ask “Who do I want to be today……?”

Off duty style – for her laid back look – Kate Moss

Laid back chic.

Laid back chic.

Or maybe

Lauren Hutton - classic style.

Lauren Hutton – classic style.

Lunch with the girls – well it has to be ..


Full on business mode and tough talking ..

The first business lady of fashion Madame Chanel.

The first business lady of fashion Madame Chanel.

For a jaunt to the country…


Tweed – Mitford sister style.

A night on the town… full on disco diva circa Studio 54

Bianca Jagger

Bianca Jagger.

I could go on and on about my style icons and who influences my choice of wardrobe on a daily basis so many to draw from and many many outfits to wear!!

Who are you favourites and what helps you choose what to wear??


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