When you get “the mean reds”!

“You know when you get the mean reds” the classic quote from Breakfast at Tiffany’s – well if the jewellery shop or in my case Harvey Nics or Liberty is not close by how can you make them go away at least for a while??

The next best thing – retail therapy and a luxury treat – so here are my top ten “mean red” cures – all under “£20 as luxury can be reasonably priced too and most of us can find £20 if really needed!!??

Jo Malone do the most amazing scents and you can buy a little luxury for under £20 – the mini bath oils come in a stylish glass bottle in a few of the scents – so run yourself a bath and relax in perfume heaven.

Jo Malone bath oils £17.

Jo Malone bath oils £17.

I am lucky to have Macarons and More on my doorstep so when I get blue I can have a fabulous sweet treat – but you can buy macarons or similar treats in supermarkets across the country.

Six for about £11.

Six for about £11.

Vintage always makes me happy so treating myself to a little something will be an instant cure – whether trawling Ebay and finding a fabulous piece or hunting in my local vintage shops!

untitledmdkiI don’t my as many as I used to – my magazine subscription list used to huge but now they are more of a treat and they is some thing about flicking through the pages finding inspiration.


Chanel nail polish – the cult brand and just having them sitting on the dressing table can make you feel better.

Chanel treat for £18. Photo The Zoe Report.

Chanel treat for £18.
Photo The Zoe Report.

An armful of flowers from the local market or a hand tie posy from your local florist would make a bad day more bearable.

Flowers at Liberty.

Flowers at Liberty.


Chocolate is good for you – it has been proven that it contains endorphins that make you feel better so when in comes in pretty pink boxes too it must be one of the best things to treat yourself too – right??!!

Carbonell & Walker. Photo: John Lewis

Carbonell & Walker.
Photo: John Lewis.
A glass of Champagne – the bubbles along make everything feel better and most bars do it by the glass for around £10 so you could have two for you £20 treat!!
Verve fizz
Books are a wonderful way to escape whether a coffee table book full of fabulous photos or a novel to transport you into another world or place – which ever you choose they can be bought on Amazon fairly cheap or hunt you local charity shop too – you would also get the satisfaction of giving to others which is a feel good factor in itself.
Candles can be very relaxing or give you a bit of a boost – one of may favourites are The White Company – a bit of luxury for £20.




These are my little luxury pick me ups – what would yours be??

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