Fashion and other adventures!!

This year I am planning to get out about more, trips to London, holidays, fashion fun and events so outfits need to be styled and planned.

Life is for living and I fully intend to make the most of it as the past few years have been a bit rubbish to say the least but now is the time to put that all behind me and move on.

Being poorly for the best part of two years takes it toll and you start to feel isolated and afraid to go out and have adventures – it is all too easy to stay at home apart from when you have to go out for work or to run errands. Working from home a lot of the time means that you can sometimes spend days in front of the laptop without actually speaking for best part of the day to anyone except the walls!

No more – this is the year to make a fresh start – my fabulous vintage is sitting unworn in the wardrobe and screaming to be taken out on fashion adventures!! Even when I feel like curling up in my PJ’s and not venturing out I will make myself get dressed up and get out if only to take myself into town for a coffee or some lunch.

I am especially looking forward to Norwich Fashion Week and all that it entails with shows, events – a chance to catch up with friends, models, make up artists as well as taking every opportunity to dress up in fabulous outfits watch amazing fashion on the runway, get inspired and of course have the odd cocktail or glass of fizz.

You know me I don’t need much of an excuse to get dressed up and with so many outfits that were planned and un-worn last year I am really looking forward to giving some “new” vintage pieces an outing!!


One of the things that I do miss about living in London is the opportunity to visit the capitals museums on a regular basis – just popping into the V&A or Textile Museum to drool at fabulous frocks!! And when an exhibition opens it is really easy to go along rather than having to book trains or drive miles to see it so this year following on from last years adventure more trips are planned and this year I am GOING to make the effort.

So ideas are coming together for outfits – my Gucci obsession is still pretty strong as I just love the quirky combinations and the mix of texture with bright colours. Life is too short to wear boring clothes and as I get older I am feeling less and less like blending into the sea of black, grey and beige that seems to be the only “colour” people wear!!??

Outfit inspiration for fashion adventures!

Outfit inspiration for fashion adventures!


Entertaining at home is another one of the things I love that has also gone on the back burner recently. In the past we have thrown some epic parties, cramming around 40 people in a two up to down terrace house with the help of the garden to overflow!! Planning menus, mixing cocktails and cooking is one of my other passions other than vintage so time to get the cookery and cocktail books out of the pantry and throw a party!!


Travel is on the cards too and spending more quality time with my lovely hubby!! Weeks seem to go by so quickly as I write this it is February 1st already. Weekends come and go without much happening so making the most of the two days at the end of a working week (when we have a free one from working them that is??!!) is on the cards – day trips, weekends away, picnics in the park, cinema dates and adventures will be planned in advance to avoid falling into the trap of just taking the day off. So all my organisational skills at the ready and keeping eyes peeled for exciting things to do – if you happen to see something you think we will love – do let me know?!

30's couple driving


It is really hard to make the effort not to waste time or just sit around feeling sorry for yourself especially this time of year when the weather is cold, dull and miserable but LIFE IS SHORT and this year I am going to try my damnedest to get the most out of it both professionally and socially.



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