Bah Humbug!!

I am in a minority I know but I really don’t like Christmas – sorry but there it is!! It is not only for the reason of personal sadness due to the fact that I lost my mum just days before Christmas day.

Not that I am religious but in my mind it has lost its whole meaning – I am not talking about the birth of Christ and all that but to me it should be about spending time with friends and family – eating, drinking and having fun not all about what presents you find under the tree and the frantic running around for weeks before spending huge amounts of money on things that we don’t really need that  will eventually end up in landfill or shoved in the back of a cupboard!!

And it all starts sooooo early – Halloween over the shops are full of Christmas decorations, many brands have been posting “Christmas in July” posts on Instagram for months and the hype on TV begins.

Don’t get me wrong I will be decking the halls but they won’t go up until the weekend before the big day and come down after new year. To me it has got over commercial with shops and businesses fighting to take your hard earned cash! And when you work in retail as I do you only get one day off as the need for shopping hits again so I am back to work on Boxing Day!!

Every year we think we need to buy more and more – food, presents and whatever else we are “told” we need but this year as every year I will be shopping local supporting independent business and buying gifts from vintage and charity shops.

My hubby and I set a limit of £50 to spend on each other and try to choose things that we know we will love and treasure or little luxuries that we wouldn’t by for ourselves but what we try do is spend time with each other and get together with family and friends. I would rather spend money on a good bottle of wine and foodie treats then sit around chatting and planning new adventures for the coming year.


One of the best Christmas’s I ever spent was in France – dinner on Christmas Eve with token presents, midnight mass and carols and the following day lunch attended by all the villagers with much drinking, eating and talking into the early hours – no hype just getting together to celebrate life. So that will be our Christmas this year keeping it simple and doing things that really matter.

So apologies for all you guys out there that love the festive season  but I will be lying low until the frenzy is all over – so see you on the other side!!



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