In Praise of Over Dressing

The title is stolen from an article in last November’s issue of British Vogue by Hayley Bloomingdale who on moving to London from New York discovered that the dress codes weren’t the same and dressing up was very much a low key affair. But she continues in saying “Simply put I’d much rather be over-dressed than under-dressed. Why settle for less when the compliments keep coming”

Being overdressed is a wardrobe directive”” she says and I have to say that I am totally with her!! She knows a thing or two about dressing up being the grand daughter of Betsy Bloomingdale whose wardrobe was legendary.

I love dressing up and as Hayley says why save your fabulous outfits for a special occasion – they will just sit in the wardrobe waiting the “right” time to wear them. She also says that “the under-dressed won’t admit but will envy you – just another benefit of getting dressed up in the first place”

Quote from Mme Chanel

To me casual really doesn’t exist – yes I wear jeans but always with a jacket or smart top never just a t-shirt or trainers (what are they!!) I really don’t need an excuse to dress up – to me any opportunity to wear a fabulous frock whether there isĀ  dress code or not!!


As I get older I am feeling more inspired to over dress everyday – why not I have some fabulous clothes in my wardrobe and feel that they need an outing rather than just sitting there gathering dust no excuses to wearing boring clothes. Just because nobody else does it doesn’t mean that I can’t there is no need to be the same as everyone else and as stylist Rachel Zoe said ” at least you will be the best dressed person in a room full of dullness”

Recently I worked with a client on a “Shop your Wardrobe” session and showed her how to wear pieces that she already had one of the items was a gold sparkly skirt and she didn’t think she could wear it in the day but I teamed it with a chunky knit and knee length boots – who says you can wear sparkles the day time!!

I have got a great excuse to dress up in a couple of weeks as LFW is just around the corner and I heading to London to take in some shows – many many outfits need to be sourced.

Inspiration for LFW outfits.


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