Second-Hand September

Another year another chance to sign up to shopping second-hand. I have been shopping this way for decades but always sign up to show my commitment and to draw attention to the need for second-hand shopping to ensure that people are aware of how fast fashion companies continuing to produce clothing in vast quantities is having a major impact on the planet.

This year I am pledging not to buy ANY clothes for the of September as I have enough pieces in my wardrobe to wear for many months let alone just for September.

I am guilty of falling into the mind set of constantly needed something new to wear as we all are but when I stop and thing what I actually need rather than what I want the truth is very little. We all get sucked into the media hype of having something new all the time so thinking about how I re-wear, re-work and re-style my current wardrobe is what I will be focusing on for the whole month of September. I do find it hard as I work in a charity shop part-time and temptation is always there but not this month I will be strong – putting it in writing on here will hold me accountable to keep the pledge.

Autumn is my favourite time of the year as it is normally cool enough to wear great jackets and layer textures in my outfits but not so cold you need 10 layers just to stay warm. Which if the cost of heating is going up by what they say this year one thing I will need this year is thermal underwear and thick jumpers!!

Before I even start to think about what I want to buy I pull together the trends from the runway and then head to the wardrobe to see what I already own that I can create the looks with. Fashion never changes that much and if you get creative you can adapt your wardrobe to stay current without having to buy new pieces each season.

Above are a few of the runway trends for Autumn/Winter – all of which I can create out of what I already won aside from a biker jacket – which if I find the right one second-hand will have a space in my wardrobe as it is a classic which will be a forever item worn for years to come.

When you start to think about the coming season instead of hitting the high-street – think wardrobe first then second-hand.

Sign up to Secondhand September here and pledge to buy nothing new for a whole month – trust me you will get hooked on the thrill of never knowing what you will find lurking in a vintage or charity shop and just maybe make it your new way to shop?

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