Icon – The LBD

Following on from Chanel says and after seeing Coco Avant Chanel film; which is fabulous beyond words – so beautifully shot and Audrey is wonderful as Chanel. It made me think of all those iconic, classic items that every girl should have in their wardrobes. We owe her so much for the way that we dress today – I am sure that somehow these items would have found they way into our wardrobes eventually but the Little Black Dress, the simple jersey, the tweed suit, costume jewellery and loads of pearls.

I am sure that you all have at least one LBD in your wardrobe – they can be worn is soo many ways so if you haven’t got one this is the time to buy as there were many fine examples for A/W. It can be worn for every occasion and in many many different ways so here is my top 5 ways to wear you LBD –
1) Layer it up with a classic black polo, add this season’s statement necklace and killer boots.

2) Chanel it up with layers of costume jewellery and pearls.

3) Add a tux jacket – very Kate Moss or Alexa Chung

4) Throw on a fur wrap and glam it up for evening – very Micheal Kors looks for winter.

5) Add a leopard coat with this season’s skinny belt.

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