The First Orchids on Your Budget

This is the first of the blogs taken from Orchids on Your Budget – some of it is taken direct from the book, and some my modern additions. The next couple of blogs will include Dress Sense, Entertaining and Home as well as Things that you should always do any way!!!

Here is the introduction.

 It isn’t the size of your income or lack of it because whatever your income is you it is never enough for the life you would like to live!!

All of us have to budget whether it means giving up the Jimmy Choos (letting the maid go – we are talking 1937) or not having butter on your bread.

Enough money for what? A house like the Jones’s, shoes to rival Imelda Marcos or a trip to the Far East?

We would all like to have them but you don’t HAVE them – you will feel no better with a bigger house, more clothes or whatever you think you have to have.

What most of us don’t concede is that with a little planning and a dash of ingenuity you might have what you want.  Conditions have never been so favourable for those of us who are not millionaires but still want orchids, a wardrobe full of clothes or fabulous parties or attractive apartments and houses.

Don’t economize “grubbily”, nobody cares or needs to know what your income is – do it with style and subtly so that no-one even notices.

Even dull people can live smartly if they have plenty of money and more often it makes them duller.  A slight financial pressure sharpens the wits.  It takes an interesting person to have an attractive menage on a shoestring and run it with gaiety and charm.

The trick is to have the right attitude.  Most people rundown instead of cutting down not interesting people.  They grasp the obvious facts and conquer it with as much zest as possible.  Given the right point of view you can have enough fun and make the best of life.

Firstly, do not go around complaining about your lot in life.  Whatever your lot in life, it’s just a challenge to your resourcefulness with which you work

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