Orchids on Your Budget – Things you can’t afford to do!!?

Economizing is painful if you keep applying it in the wrong places – you have to be careful where you pinch.

First and foremost in this is “letting yourself go”.  The women who feel she can’t afford to keep herself as young, handsome and chic as humanely possible or she will do it when her finances are in better shape eventually finds that she has made a miscalculation that runs into money.  The result plays havoc with  husbands, jobs and her opinion of herself.  Lean periods as at all times a women needs to be as seductive as possible as since it is only normal for a man to look around for an excuse for his difficulties and a slovenly wife is as good excuse as any other. (Not very women’s lib but if you look fabulous you feel better about yourself and he’s not going to want a younger model).  The kind of women who gets up any old how and slops around the house deserves all she gets – harsh words from 1937 but making an effort around the house always seems a very glamorous thing to do – even Primark do cute little 40’s style pj’s and silky dressing gowns so there really is no excuse?  (and trust me your man will love it and you will probably make the postman’s year!!!)

The beauty problem may present more difficulties but with a little planning and system you can still give nature a helping hand – do your own nails in front of the TV, give yourself a facial, or sign up for the local college or salon that advertises for models (Check that they are always under supervision)

Economize on things that you can – toothpaste, body lotion and scrubs, they may have a more elegant smell but they do the same job.  A good foundation – less spent on mascara, eyeshadow and lipstick.

Another extravagance is letting your house run to ruin because you think you are cutting back by not doing the jobs that need to be done – it takes a lot of minor repairs to total major ones that result from years of neglect. Getting things replaced or repaired at the first sign of wear before it completely breaks down and costs a lot more to replace.

Cleverly built shelves, minor DIY jobs, a change of paint, a lovely lighting fixture picked up at auction, pretty vintage china or an inexpensive rug to cut out a draft  – there are 100 ways to stop you house from being dated and drab and the result is not merely more fun to live in, it may even mean a better price should you need to sell.

It all sums up to the fact that economy should be as nearly invisible as possible.  The thing is you can’t afford is letting economy stand out like an ugly patch on the wall.  With planning and a little ffort no-one need know that your are cutting back at all.

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