Inspiring Ladies – My Mother

At the end of 2011 I lost one of the most inspiring ladies I had the joy to know – my Mother.

I was always a daddy’s girl being spoilt rotten by him at every opportunity but when I look back on my childhood and the influences that have made me who I am my mother is there every step of the way.

She was born in 1930, survived a machine gun attack on her hockey field at her school in Hove during the war, she gave exhibition ballroom dances during the late 40’s  – maybe that is where my love and talent for dance comes from?

My mum was always a career women during the 50’s she worked for Rank Film Organisation and was as glamorous and stylish as the stars that went through the studio!! Although she hated shopping she loved clothes and was a skilled seamstress – only one thing though Mum – why didn’t you keep all your fabulous clothes???? She worked from home throughout my childhood so she was always there for me when I came home from school.  As a secretary all her working life she was so organised and past on her love of making lists to me, she was a hard worker and believed that if you put your mind to it you can achieve anything you want and that is something I will never forget.

My Mum ran play schemes for kids during the summer, I remember years of 100’s of children having the time of their lives playing, running on the beach and creating a making great stuff during the summer holidays.

She loved to cook – and always put on a fabulous party – another skill I get from her!!

Her fascination an love of history led her to trace her family tree back to the 1600’s in France and she made me promise to continue adding to and researching – I will.

My Mum has impacted on so many aspects of my life and I owe the success of all the events that I have organised to her – and will continue to honor her with even more fabulous ones that she would have loved.

Barbara Evelyn James (ne Denne) 1930 – 2011 RIP

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