Vintage Brights!!

It should be Summer but alas the sun doesn’t seem to be shining on us very frequently at the moment but does that mean that we have to mooch around in dull colours – noooo!!! I have seen so many shades of grey and black on people during my travels, just because the weather is dull you shouldn’t be so lets brighten up  and chase away the gloom!!!

Colour can be hard to wear – it is easier dress in monochrome as it doesn’t require much thought but adding colour can make you feel better and cheer up a grey day.

I recently re-read a great little book “Style” by Kate Spade ( one of a series of how to guides written by Kate and Andy Spade who together ran their fashion house and had a great sense of style and loved colour, both were inspired by vintage classics.)

Kate was inspired to write some lovely ideas on how to mix colour by Diana Vreeland’s “Why don’t you” column in Harper’s Bazaar so here are some of her suggestions of brightening up your wardrobe.

Green suede gloves peeking from a fitted black jacket.
Olive green leather pumps and a camel coat.
A watermelon raincoat on a dull day.
Pink beaded evening gown to a grand party – similar to the one worn by Jackie Onassis.
Tie a pink scarf in your hair with an all white summer dress.
A wide brimmed hat in a sunny hue
Bold sunflowers on a circle skirt worn with a navy sweater.
Chunky turquoise necklace worn with your crisp white shirt.
Navy and white striped t-shirt with a rose print skirt.
A scarlet sundress and high black heels
Fire engine gloves with anything
Mocha silk dress with shocking pink necklace and cocktail ring.
Espresso tweed suit with raspberry and coral accessories.

Vintage and retro clothing usually comes in bold and bright colours and patterns so search out some great finds to brighten up your day – even if it’s only a pair of bold coloured gloves with your raincoat??

Bold bright dresses and accessories.

Striking combination of colours.
Brown and pink – a classic
Red – say no more!

Sunny yellow with your LBD.
Hues of purple and blue with chocolate brown.

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