Dance Little Lady Dance

Those of you who follow this blog and my Facebook page will know that I LOVE to dance!! It is the best exercise – much more fun than slogging away at the gym (to me any way), it makes you feel good – there is no better way to put on some swinging music and pound the floor when you have had a bad day at the office.

Getting dressed up ( and as you know I need no excuse to do that) and going out somewhere to listen to great music is so much fun.  It makes others feel good to as so many people come up to me and hubby and say they love to see us enjoy ourselves and where can they go to learn.  I am always pleased to get others to join in and get the pleasure of dancing too.

You don’t need the sunshine (and this summer that is a good thing!!!), or special equipment – even if you haven’t got a partner jump around to the beat and get the feel good factor that dance can give you.

My vintage frocks have such great fabrics that move when I dance but I do have to be a little careful some are a bit too delicate for great activity as I found out recently.  So I am always on the look out for dance friendly dresses!!

Here are some of my favourite photos of Dance Days!!

Horham (photo Retro Stuart)
Horham again (Photo Stephen Plumb)
Blythbrugh Tea dance (Photo Stephen Plumb)
Starfighter Rock “n” Roll Club (Photo Gary Yallop)

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