Day in the Life of a fashion stylist…..

Although I was meant to be taking a rest last week I took a day out to do photo shoot for Flush Magazine.

There is a lot of time and planning that goes into the creation of fabulous images that graze the magazines – the inspiration, getting the team together, finding the clothes to suit the mood and then shooting on the day.

So on a rainy, dull day in July we used Blue Skies HQ as a base and made some fashion magic happen (as it was for the Autumn/Winter it didn’t matter that it rained!!!)

My inspiration came from the quirky nooks and cranny’s around Elm Hill, the kooky curious taxidermist and antique shop teamed with classic vintage styles from the couture collections of the 40’s and 50’s – the story of a slightly eccentric girl going about her day in her own little crazy world???

I always start with a story or a picture, then go onto the clothes and accessories to get the look I am going for, I hang out the pieces and lay accessories on a flat surface and start to play until the style comes together, nothing is ever set in stone or too planned out as something always develops along the way and takes on a life of it’s own!!


Lucy Barnes starting on the make-up.
The finishing touches.
Accessories and inspiration!
Getting it just right on set.
Just a little insight in “The day in the life” of a fashion stylist, the finished pictures to come soon.
Many thanks to Stephen Plumb Photography, Lucy Barnes Make-up and Kelly French Model.
All of these lovely people have facebook pages so you check them out and see what else they do!!

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