Glamping or at least trying!!

Hubby and I are just back from our first time at Twinwoods – I am quite surprised that we haven’t been before, I guess it was the whole under canvas thing that was putting me off but due to the fact that we won tickets in their calendar competition there really was no excuse??

With a borrowed tent and various other camping essentials we set off on Friday morning, with the help of our lovely friend Paul (whose tent we borrowed), we set up camp.

Once we had organised the little areas – we had a bedroom, dressing room and dining area we mixed a few cocktails to toast our first time camping!!!

So how do you bring a little glamour to your camping – here are my top tips to glamping it up in style:

  • Take a few home comforts with you – I took a wedding picture of my Mum and Dad, or your favourite mug to have your morning tea in.
  • Vintage bed linen or table clothes are light to pack and add a finishing touch to your “rooms”.
  • You can buy very pretty and stylish tableware but if you can take china plates, proper cutlery and glassware it is so much more chic and cocktails always seem to have a funny taste in plastic??
  • Scented candles are great – not to light inside the tent obviously but even having them in there will make the tent smell lovely when you walk in.
  • A small vase of flowers on the table or a potted plant in the entrance will make you smile every time you walk in .

Just a few ideas to get stylish when camping – as for me – we have booked for next year BUT this time we will be (hopefully) have a little more comfort in a caravan – I don’t think that my back can take sleeping on the floor despite having an airbed!!!

My lovely 50’s picnic basket with proper china.
A beautiful caravan on display – next year???
Wallaces Home Boutique

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