What does a vintage girl carry in her handbag??

I have a number of very lovely vintage handbags – too many my Hubby says but then a gal needs at least two to go with each outfit and then a few chic evening ones and well I could go on.

There is of course the” go to bag” that needs to hold all the “stuff” a vintage gal requires everyday!!

Mine is a tan 1950’s bag bought from Prim Vintage – it was borrowed for a photo shoot and never seemed to find it’s way back into the shop??

So what do I carry around on an everyday basis …..

Although I am a vintage gal I do need to keep in touch with the world, running a business and keeping up with social media is a must in this day and age so I MUST have my blackberry for emails and calls.
One of these is essential as vintage clothing doesn’t come in “normal” sizes, I need to be able to measure garments to make sure they fit me and my clients.
I am an old fashioned girl at heart and do love a fabulous notebook to scribble down ideas and inspiration that comes my way. Smthysons do the most fabulous of all and so even if they are a little pricey it is nice to have a lovely one as it makes the ideas seem a little more special??
A vintage compact for those essential make-up retouches throughout the day.
And last of all every vintage gals essential – the red lippy – mine from Besame, which comes in it’s own little pouch and sooo chic packaging.
(Available on line and from the lovely Historical Sauces).

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