Looking forward ….. Spring wardrobe plans.

The snow is starting to disappear here in Norwich, and we are getting an if not brief glimpse of blue sky again so while we wait for the Spring to arrive why not take a little time to sort out and organise your wardrobe so you can look fabulous when the sun comes out??

The first thing I do when I start thinking about a new season wardrobe is – what look do I want to go for and I gather pictures of styles and clothes I want to wear, being a vintage gal there are lots of fabulous images out there of movie stars and inspiration so this is what is influencing me for the following months…….

This next thing I do is put the images up the wall of my dressing room or on the wardrobe door and have a little look through my clothes and see what I already have that will work for the style I am going for and then make a little list of items that I need to buy to create the look.
While I am going through I check if anything needs to be mended or dry cleaned so when the weather gets warmer I am ready to go.
I already have a few of the pieces to work these looks but one thing I don’t seem to have is a slim black skirt so that will have to go on my wish list for this season – I love black and tan together so chic!!
So get your inspiration going as Spring will be here before we know it and we all want to get out there and look our fabulous best after months of cold and covering up!!!

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