Paris part 3 – Bon appetite!

Paris is full of places to eat – sit down with a coffee or glass of wine and watch the world go by.  You can find everything from a simple salad to a full blown a la carte feast???

Eating and drinking is a national French pastime and the Parisians down tools and enjoy a 2 hour lunch break as opposed to grabbing a soggy sandwich eaten at their desk.

We enjoyed some fabulous food during our stay, put on a few pounds with the rich dishes and wine (well it was probably the wine that did it???) 

With all the walking around stopping off at a café and enjoying an espresso was something we did quite a lot of – by the way it is un-Parisian to drink a café au lait after 11am but if you can’t quite take it black a noisette is the chic thing to drink – espresso with a shot of milk!!!

So here is just a few pics to wet your appetite???

A glass of bubbly while waiting to go up to our room.
Noisette café.

Our anniversary dinner at …….
Lunch was usually a simple salad – but delicious!!
Spot of people watching with a Kir Royal??
Cooling down with a Mojito in our hotel bar.
Macaroons for the journey home from
We had a totally fabulous time in Paris – it is one of my favourite places to be and the photos in this picture don’t do it justice – you should go see if for yourself,. 

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