Fabulous Miss K Collection Launch.

Friday evening saw the launch of the first collection, press and friends came along to Farmer Brown’s in Norwich to see the dresses on show.

It has been quite a flurry over the last week with blog posts from www.thefortiesfloozy.com and www.queensofvintage.com who were very kind to share the news of the collection.

Orders have been sent out and I am working hard to do lots of publicity to get the word out there – my lovely friend Gemma who came along to the evening has also written a fabulous post to www.retrochick.co.uk.

When it has been a dream for so long to finally see the dresses and have people say how beautiful they are is heart warming!!  The fact that they are dedicated to my Mum makes it even more special and I would like to think that she is up there watching over me and proud???

I forgot my camera in the madness of the evening but thanks to Kerry www.missyvintage.co.uk who was on hand to capture some images.

Me in Charlie dress.
Barbara in the 3 colourways.
Flamingo Amy (www.flamingoamy.co.uk) wearing her striped Barbara – I love how she added the red belt.
Look out for more ways to buy the collection – I will be at fairs and pop up shops in the next few months so you can come along and try on or you can buy now at www.fabulousmissk.co.uk. There are only 24 of each dress available so don’t miss out cause once there gone there gone!!

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