Miss K loves – The Forties Floozy

You come across some lovely people in the vintage scene – some you meet in real life and others you get to know through their blogs one such lady is Alex aka The Forties Floozy.

 So here is a little Q&A so you can find out more about her……………………

What got you into vintage?

My parents and all of my family have always been really interested in vintage cars/motorbikes, I grew up around them and that’s really where everything kicked off from! I spent a lot of my summers trekking to classic bike shows and it gave me the love of vehicles that takes over my life and also love of clothes/style of that era too.  There was usually lots of rockabilly women or ladies dressed up in polka dots and petticoats and I’d always stop and stare and be completely amazed.

You call yourself The Forties Floozy – what is it about the 40’s that
appeals to you?

I think it’s the most feminine and beautiful era in terms of cut of clothes and attitude towards appearance as well.  I love all the effort that women (and men!) put into how they looked, it’s something that I think we’ve lost a bit of in modern times.

Tell me about your love for vintage cars?

Oh gosh! Well it was always motorbikes that I loved when I was younger (and still do) but unfortunately after an accident it became apparent that I wasn’t going to be able to ride bikes forever so I started becoming more interested in classic cars.  My first car was a Triumph Spitfire and it was the best car in the world, I still dream of having it back some day!  After becoming part of a club for young classic car owners/lovers I met the people that are now my best friends and also my other half too! Calum has 5 classics and I have my little morris minor that takes me everywhere so they keep us very busy!  Most of my holidays are spent on roadtrips or going to vintage events in the cars.

What do you love most about your “vintage lifestyle”?

Everything haha? I’ve met the most amazing people through events and even chatting about vintage on Twitter has led me to meet some of my best friends! There’s nothing more fun that meeting people with similar interests to you and being able to meet up and chat about everything.

You are a student now – would you like to turn your passion for
vintage into a career if so what would you love to do?

I took a fairly big step in June of this year and bought Madam’s Vintage, an online spectacles shop, that was definitely my first jump into making vintage more than just a hobby.  It was definitely the scariest thing I could have done whilst I was half way through the exam period of my second year of university, but it’s certainly all been worth it! I would absolutely love to make vintage my career and it’s something I don’t stop thinking about.  I’ve always considered being an event organiser so combining that with my love of days gone by would be a dream come true.

    Looking fabulous in vintage specs.

    Vintage car love!!

    Vintage chic.
    (Photo – Men’s File Magazine)
    You can take a look at more about Alex  www.thefortiesfloozy.com  and if you need some fabulous vintage glasses have a look at www.madamsvintage.com.



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