Style Icon – Bette Davis

Anyone that follows this blog will know that I love a good suit and have a very slight weakness for hats too!! So one of my style icons has to be Bette Davis who knows how to rock both!!

She had a long career in Hollywood earning 2 Oscars and was the first women to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award by the American Film Institute.

Bette was a feisty lady and often antagonised directors and fellow actors but she always looked so stylish and chic I can forgive her!!

One of her most iconic and to die for outfits is from Now Voyager and one of my favourites too.


Early in her career 1930’s Hollywood.
Love this look from Dark Victory.
This colour combo is fabulous!!

 You can’t beat a good suit for making you feel you can take on the world so I will often don a sharp cut suit when I need a little confidence in the day!!

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