Spring clean your wardrobe.

The sun keeps popping it’s head up through the clouds promising the start of Spring so now is the time to get your wardrobe prepared for the warmer months to come.

First things first – get your winter coat dry cleaned, make any repairs that need to be done – don’t pack it away if the hem or pocket needs mending then cover it (never in plastic and on a proper sturdy hanger to keep the shape) and put it in a separate wardrobe if you are lucky enough to be able to store your winter and summer clothes in different places or put it at the back out of the way.

Do the same for your heavier weight knits, jackets, woollen skirts and trousers. If you haven’t got much space to store in the wardrobe – vintage suitcases or boxes look great, wrap in acid free tissue with a few lavender bags or cedar blocks to prevent moths.

Next step is take all you spring/summer pieces out and give your wardrobe a good clean – I know it is tiresome but you never know what you find lurking in the back, last time I did this for a client we found two pairs of shoes and a to die for 1930’s dress that she had forgotten she had!!

Put back all the items that you love but make sure that none of them need cleaning, washing or mending – put all these in a pile – there is no point in putting them back in the wardrobe as you will forget and go to wear it when you are in a rush and find that the hem is coming down and you have to re-think your whole outfit for the day.

Be ruthless if there are any items that don’t work, are too small then put them to one side to send to the charity shop, sell on ebay or store out of the way so it gives you space in your wardrobe for things that you wear all the time.

Move onto to your accessories, hats and shoes – clear away¬†the heavy felt hats that don’t fit in with your lighter weight suits and dresses, store away winter boots and thick tights ready for Spring sandals.

Taking time to sort out your wardrobe makes it much easier to get dressed in the morning, plan your outfits and keeps your clothes in good condition.
I recommend that you make a few investments to keep your vintage buys in tip top condition:-
  • Proper hangers – wooden ones for suits and coats. Padded ones for dresses and blouses – they will help to keep the shape.
  • A mending kit – buy a small vintage tin and keep a few needles, cotton in basic colours, a small pair of scissors – store it in the wardrobe so you can go to it if you need to make a repair.
  • Shoe cleaning kit – regularly polishing your vintage shoes and bags will help to keep the leather soft and stop it from cracking and splitting.
  • Hat boxes and vintage suitcases for storage.
Quite a daunting task so if you do find it all a little overwhelming you can always book me to come along to do it for you – check out my website – www.fabulousmissk.co.uk for all the details of how I can get your wardrobe Spring Ready??

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